HELIOS is a project by the Perrard Development company, the Luxembourg subsidiary of real estate company Eiffage Benelux

Perrard Development is part of the Eiffage group, one of the European leaders in construction. The Eiffage company brings together the full range of construction activities including developers, general entrepreneurs and companies active in electricity, deep foundations, carpentry and maintenance. The company:

  • has a network of 500 entities mainly situated in Europe;
  • is a European leader in the construction sector with 70,000 employees and associated workers;
  • has an annual turnover of 14 billion euros across five activies.

Working in synergy with the different companies of the group, Perrard Development is able to present itself as a “developer-promoter-constructor” active throughout Luxembourg in various fields including housing, office property, hotels and retailing. Perrard Development designs and constructs residential property in compliance with the strictest demands in terms of sustainability, economy of energy and technological efficiency, while taking account of functionality, aesthetics and operating costs.

For the HELIOS project, Perrard Development will work together with its sister construction company Perrard. Founded in 1900, Perrard is one of the oldest Luxembourg construction companies in operation. Its long experience gives it undeniable expertise in the areas of construction, civil engineering and public works. Thanks to its dynamism and experience, the company produces an average of 30 projects every year.

Eiffage group companies have built their reputation on the respect of values and commitments made with their employees and customers.

Respect and tolerance: the first requirement of all companies in the Eiffage Benelux group is the respect of others. We strive for good professional relationships within the company, as well as with our external collaborators.

Safety: companies in the group apply a policy of zero tolerance in terms of work on their sites. Our goal is to prevent accidents by continuously investing in the right equipment and personnel training.

Trust: trust is fundamental to relationships and encourages cooperation and the sharing of information between employees and customers.

Responsibility: we accept and stand by our commitments to our customers as well as to our suppliers, sub-contractors and the environment. In terms of environment, we are committed to sustainable development, to reduce our ecological footprint, to limit our consumption, to sort and reduce our waste, and to control energetics.

The respect of these values helps make our teams dependable, responsible and involved. The satisfaction of our customers depends on it. Our ambition is to build projects for our customers while employing innovative and environment-friendly solutions.